Valley Spokesmen Racing Team





Training Rides

Sunday AM Ride:

VSRT members ride various team rides on the weekends, including a 30 to 40 mile fixed-route ride that starts at the Livermore Flagpole. Ride starts at 8 AM in summer months and at 9 AM in the winter. All VSRT rides occur after VSRT members discuss on the vsrt forum and when it does not interfere with races.

Other rides:

VSRT members often join the Saturday morning Wheels of Thunder (WOT) and the Sunday morning House of Pain (HOP) rides.

Noon Rides:

Many VSRT members ride in a group as an excellent way to stay motivated and improve your fitness. Currently there is a "Noon Ride" (technically 11:30am) with the LLNL Cycletrons that ride on a daily basis. There are usually two groups, an "A" group and the "B" group. How these groups evolve on a daily basis is quite another story. But both groups meet outside the East Gate entrance of LLNL in the parking lot near the ramp to the Visitor's Center. Daily mileage is between 20-25 miles.

Weekday RideDistance (miles) Terrain &
MondayPatterson Pass22.7Hilly
~1 hr 20 min
TuesdayCarneal Loop25.0Flat
~1 hr 20 min
WednesdayTesla14.7 or 18.2Moderately Hilly,
1090 or 1830
~ 1 hr 15 min
ThursdayPatterson Pass(A-group)
Del Valle(B-group)
Hilly- 1650
One climb -1480
~1 hr 20 min
~1 hr 10 min
FridayReverse Carneal Loop25.0Flat
~ 1 hr 20 min

The Noonloops Century:

Every year, in the Fall, Darrel Lager or Bill Durham will announce a day for the Noonloops Century. This is a day where we ride all the Cycletron daily routes in a single day. If you complete every loop, the total distance will be just a little over 100 miles. This is not a race although some riders have been known to treat it as a time trial. Disclaimer: some employees will take a vacation day to participate in this ride.

The Art Wong Time Trial Series:

So named because Art is the only one who is willing to coordinate these "rides". A few times during the year, Art will conduct time trials on the Tuesday route or the 11:30 Thursday route. Teams and individuals are encouraged to participate.